The Next Bottom Is With Gay Pornstar Tom Faulk Doing What He do Best

Posted by admin - November 5th, 2014

The Next Bottom Part 3 is the latest release in the Next Bottom series. If you loved the first two Next Bottom shows you will love this one too. All of our scenes are downloadable for both your mobile and your desk top. They are always displayed in high quality. You will not be disappointed. We are always updating and adding new scenes. Be sure to visit to see them all.

In The Next Bottom part 3 you get to see Tom again. Tom Faulk has been shown in several different scenes at He is super sexy. In this scene Tom Faulk plays the host of a game show called The Next Bottom. It starts with him opening the show. There’s a glittery beginning to this scene but don’t let it fool you. Things get hot and heavy pretty quickly. Before they do though Tom gives us all a recap of what happened on the last show.

Behind door number waits the gorgeous Sam Northman. He will soon be introduced to that lucky member of the audience, Sebastian Young. Sam is flawless. His skin is clear and clean and smooth which is quite a contrast to Sebastian. Sebastian has several tattoos which decorate his extremely muscular body.

When Sebastian and Sam meet they are instantly attracted to one another. Things start getting steamy as they begin to make out right then and there in front of Mr. Faulk, and the entire studio audience. After a few minutes they are moved to a more private location where they are able to carry on. When kissing turns to cock sucking you know you’re in for a good time.

As Sam and Sebastian give each other head they cannot help but to want to take it even further. Both of these studs strip down. The scene continues as the camera gives you a nice close up view of the action then draws back to let you see both of them. After a while it’s time for some hole drilling. Isn’t that what we love at Drill My Hole?

When the drilling first begins it’s slow, and easy. It only takes a minute for Sam to get used to it though. He wants it deeper. He wants all of Sebastian’s hard cock. Sam squats over Sebastian as Sebastian both f***s him and plays with his cock. Sam is getting two times the pleasure. Then the guys switch positions and Sam gets it doggy style. Finally he takes it on his back. It’s not long before Sam lets go. He shoots his jizz all over his stomach. Sebastian is ready too. It’s only a minute before he lets go too. He shoots his load onto Sam’s shoulder and the scene comes to an end. Wait though…it’s not over yet. Faulk is still coming back for a second interview. We can’t wait to see what happens when he does!

New video called My Neighbor’s Son with Tom Faulk

Posted by admin - October 22nd, 2014

tomStr8 To Gay has released a new video called My Neighbor’s Son. As with all of their videos, Str8 To Gay brings us a storyline with gay sex thrown in. In this film we get to see one of’s newest models, baby-faced Tom Faulk, play along side the enormous Rafael Alencar. Tom Faulk, the neighbor’s son, gets hired by Rafael to help with some gardening.
When Tom Faulk arrives at Rafael’s house, Rafael tells him he will be with him in a minute, he needs to change into work clothes. Tom Faulk, bored while waiting, decides to be nosey and see what is beyond the room he is in. He stumbles upon Rafael getting undressed. Always horny little Tom Faulk wanders into the bedroom and helps Rafael remove his clothes, and then promptly kneels down and pays homage to that monster 11 1/2 ” dick. Faulk’s mouth is stretched to its limit as that long, fat cock punishes his lips and throat.
Soon Tom Faulk is naked and is face down on Rafael’s massive cock, enjoying the taste and feel of the monster. Rafael lets him continue for about 10 minutes, then flips that little twink over and opens his smooth white ass with the tip of his big, hard cock.
Tom Faulk lets out a scream of pain and pleasure as Rafael fills the small asshole with his monster dick.
Tom is flipped again until he is sitting on that nearly foot long dick. His clean shaven pubes highlight the young twink’s white cock and balls as he bounces up and down on that long shaft. With brutal sounds of pain and pleasure mixed together, Tom Faulk releases his load of jizz as the older man continues to assault his sore ass. Then the pressure is released as Rafael pulls out and holds his long, dark, massive cock and shoots his load all over Tom Faulk.
When Tom Faulk gets up and leaves, you can’t help but smile. My Neighbor’s Son is worth watching, it is certainly a fun time for all. read full story here

Str8 Adult Porn video With Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid

Posted by admin - July 2nd, 2015

The newest stage from Str8 to gala with Johnny Rapid is named Hump or find: it might only like simply be termed “Horseplay Gone negative” or “Horseplay Gone Good”, determined by your mindset. As you understand, Str8 To Samesex is focused on indulging the wonderland of straight guys achieving horny by homosexual intercourse. This market isn’t any various from all other remainder of this web sites secretes; straight chap has turned in and it also isn’t too much to acquire her to say yes to a hummer.

Hump or bundle starts over along with two lads, tool emperor and Johnny Rapid, lounging around at residence. Port is found on the htc 7 mozart smart phone and Johnny would like engage in horseplay and sleeping about. They helps coming approximately Jack and pretends to happen their or her backside, or holds warm butting inadequate Jack over the crotch. Preoccupied, Jack concludes the telephone phone call to manage Johnny. Johnny requires them if he really likes everything that gay things. By the height and width of the pouch in Jack’s pants there isn’t any doubt that he does in this way gay play. Johnny updates the difficult lump in Jack’s denim jeans and also these off of in minutes, hence letting it usage of the straight cock he would like to pull.

Johnny reacts with a pant and a groan while the dense head comes into their arsehole, nonetheless it soon loosens ahead as he locates on their own pushing his bottom against Donato’s wide penis. Because the wall space of her bottom offer means to the dense tool inside, and Johnny’s head starts to present since he feels a giant burden of sperm irritation inside your cobblers.

When he drives it, Johnny’s possess remarkable prick is actually flapping and slapping all around on its own. This excellent market continues on as well as on as well as on – our very own two hunks can’t find an adequate amount of one another.


Story of a hot gay men in porn review

Posted by admin - March 29th, 2015

You Owe myself opens with a gaol world.  Younger gay men Emanuel Brazzo has actually obtained himself into some difficulty, and requires to be bailed away by his beautiful, dark mate Trey Turner.  Trey does just the proper thing and bails his mate, but he is mad.  “Perform you understand how a lot it cost myself to enable you to get out?” Trey requires as they get in the vehicle to drive home.  Trey provides Emanuel inside the financial obligation, and it also is certainly not long before the guy begins to profit in on their poor friend’s tragedy.  While he is nonetheless traveling, we all come across Trey force Emanuel’s head down onto his waiting dick.

In a few mins the 2 hunks have been in the bed room and having right down to business. Trey provides Emanuel continue because of the remarkable strike job and before long Emanuel is sucking in the hard, eight inch, cut dick for all he is really worth. Trey pumps his cock deeper and deeper down Emanuel’s neck; as Emanuel gags in the monster Trey taunts him with traces like, “you love that big cock don’t you?”, and, “Come on, just take that dick!”

The kids arrive residence and head inside to complete just exactly what they have actually started. This arena has actually recently been generated by Drill My Hole, and while their own films normally have a beneficial tale line, this world becomes straight right down to Video Of Gay Men business.  Two mins into the arena all of us look for these two tanned and toned models difficult at the job into the bed room. Emanuel is heading to need to function tirelessly to spend down their financial obligation to Trey.

Trey pushes their tough, heavy cock straight into Emanuel’s butt and provides him a punishing beating.  For another fifteen mins Emanuel is subjected for some hard and quick gender.  Trey opportunities Emanuel anywhere he loves, and takes him savagely out of each and every angle.  Lastly Emanuel can just take no longer, and explodes into a rather noisy climax.  Trey follows fit and shoots his creamy load in a loud and hot run.  Both of these Latino guys do all the right things to make each some other, plus the viewer, on.  If you want the men macho, next chances are you Owe Me is actually for you.


gay free porn with Duncan Black

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Duncan Black, Sebastian Teen, and Sam Northman will be the hot movie stars of this hardcore romp, the Hottest in Drill My Hole’s “Another Bottom” collection. Drill My Hole Occurs to be Frantic generating some lavishly lusty anal banging landscapes using the greatest of the hot experts and some new-faced (and tight-assed) young talent. The following Bottom is a sexual game show organized by Duncan, who recaps the previous installment associated with the series, The Next Bottom Part 2, which goes on in this event. In this program, there are three doorways, a la Let’s Make a Deal, but behind each one isn’t a new vehicle or a goat, but a hot, hung stud. A person in the audience, played by Sebastian teenage, is identified as upon and now we get to understand a little little about him.

The scene began using the two gay friends holding out; Drake narrated his whole love life. He watched a pornography video with his spouse. It is a bi porn movie as various other homosexual buddies are an component associated with the enjoyment. Drake was keen to have Pleasurable with a gay friend, he had been maybe not quite sure he would triumph because his man resisted his every relocate to get him turned in. To really make it Demanding, Duncan ended up being insisting about going house. Drake never gave up; he retains teasing and caressing his pal. All these were going hand in hand with the porn video enjoying when you look in the History. Duncan retains regarding the pressure until he slowly seduces him. They brought Fully 7-inch penis and Started playing along with it. Drake tried difficult to stay away from the penis and insisted on making. Duncan Black dick persisted knowing that if their friend were focused on making, he will have remaining.

After a little touch of sexual intercourse that manner, the Men alter Employments and Sam turns bum- as much as just take Sebastian’s cock doggystyle, and after that Sebastian places Sam on his back, immersing away while Sam masturbates his inflamed cock. Sam Finally releases the force, blowing his creamy load all over his tummy while Sebastian will carry on to pound gay porn tube away, ultimately withdrawing from Sams much-employed butt to shoot hot, creamy jizz across Sam’s neck. Most likely this activity, host Duncan comes straight back into interview the fatigued and happy match, and now we get to appear forward to Part 4!

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Latest Cody Cummings episode information announced

Posted by admin - November 20th, 2014

The picture begins with Cody Cummings waiting for an airplane. Lionel plays the steward, and then he features an assistant with him. Lionel and their associate are only about prepared to begin boarding when they choose to do something different. They had been checking Cody over and made a bet between all of them that Cummings possessed an “eight incher” – at least. Choosing to give him special therapy – maybe not a free beverage or newsprint in picture for this special – before the plane takes down. That is one of my personal favorite aspects of this web site together with other individuals within the network, but often we choose to go straight towards the sex. This movie does perhaps not disappoint. Beginning off you meet up with the sexy Rocco Reed and Cody Cummings (whom are both hunky designs for going down to meal collectively. In the canteen they begin to see the pretty younger whom is a unique comer. They walk as much as him and without saying everything to him, put him on his legs. The Next Bottom is a video game show with a difference. Charlie Harding starts it off with a shimmering launch. Charlie is the shows host. He is a great instance of what you will definitely witness at this websites.

The earlier occurrence is recapped. There are three doorways. Each door features a contestant behind it. Someone through the market will likely be getting involved…it’s loads of fun…specifically for Cody just who is behind door no. 1, and Sebastian who’s the fortunate market user who gets chosen. Whenever both of these men satisfy there’s simply no denying their particular destination to one another. At the number, while the studio market the guys go at it. They begin generating aside. They have Pulled into an also more exclusive location so that drawn can ensure that is certainly remains going. Finally, Charlie departs those alone. Their cocks are away before you understand it while the action features started. Getting right down to the grimy is definitely the greatest option when Rocco features a hard on. The guys Stay outfitted when it comes to bulk of the picture in their particular company outfit. Lionel walks Cummings onto the airplane and immediately kisses him because Right as they have from the walk. Cody Cummings features time to state “just what the…?” before he determines this should be a component to be within the distance Big membership, and decides to go with it. returns the deep hug. In some mins Lionel is on his legs releasing Cody’s dick. Yes! It’s an eight incher! Within the entrance Connected with cottage, Lionel is giving Cody a blow job that Cody will not forget about.

Subsequently, the probing starts… At very first, puncture is completed good and simple. Soft and sluggish. It’s not extended though before Cody Cummings features the hold of it. He begins Desiring that Cock. Considering that the jet is on a tight schedule, all of our 2 men get down and dirty Quickly – the bum pounding is hot, Brawny, and Quick. But, take-off can wait somewhat more as our Guys are on the flooring of the airplane and Lionel features Managed to fill his mouth and neck along with ten inches of Codys tough dick, while his encounter presses well against Codys very-full set of balls. Then Lionel transforms around, rests on Codys stiff Dick plus rides it with all he has, moving tougher and tougher, more rapidly and faster. You can easily Practically notice and feel the machines within both of these hunks. Lionel bounces as he published here


Another Topher Dimaggio gay porn video at

Posted by admin - November 15th, 2014

Topher Dimaggio is surely Perhaps not an exclusive model for but he has got today made 42 scenes for all of them. He is 5.11, with strong brown Eyesight plus black coloured tresses. Drill My Hole is only starting out on a Trade name new collection called Men For purchase. Component 1 features an progressive new stud called Topher, a self-proclaimed “top guy”, paired with magnificent Jimmy Fanz ( whom we past noticed in Sex a manhunter Carte.) In their most recent landscape from Drill My Hole, he is matched up with a newcomer to your show. One of many very nice things about this might be that brand new models are Always being introduced into the show and actually do improve things up a bit. The Odd opening is both fascinating and sexual in addition: we run into a few photographs of per evening period city skyline, after that two nude legs. When you’re in the mood to see some Substantial quality as well as unique gay porn, you can rely on the Drill My Hole site to possess brand-new content that includes a few of the hottest Queer sex Seconds and most alluring models on the web.

It receives the market to be used to such folks and create up a connection Jointly with all of them along with Allowing the designs have some kind of Devotee foundation. There’s a cut – and then we are revealed “1 day before” the present occasion: it feels as although we’re watch more of topher dimaggio at – click here Screening a Hollywood thriller – with guy on guy Sex…. All of our two hairy hunks are hectic in the bed, mastering their particular 69 techniques. The beginner in Interrogation Instruction is Joey Moriarty whose title is quite hot. He is over six foot tall with pleasant dark hair plus a extended, uncut cock with a nice sleek upper body and Substantial arms. The chemistry between both of these men is warming up as they go down on each other with this kind of enjoyment. Soon, Topher Dimaggio is busy offering Jimmy’s furry butt a deep reaming while his hands continue patting Jimmys Inc prick. Jimmy Right allows Topher know he is considerably more than ready to start. He is at mercy of their teacher and these days we have all of them doing sexual strategies, such as becoming associated with a seat. This might be an excellent military fetish picture Assisted by the brand new son responding to concerns while he is Informed as Dimaggio gives him some corporal discipline. After just a minute or more later, Shane gets a notion and slips a homosexual video clip in the television while Topher is still patting his dick.

Their Cock is erect and able to get. Points proceed along a period as Joey is obligated to draw the captain’s dick and obtain quite warm beneath the collar while he does. Topher screws the bushy asshole until Jimmy squirts cum throughout their own Paunch. Topher Dimaggio jerks off a few occasions before he includes their jizz as to what has already been covering Jimmy’s top body. Jimmy leaves and Topher Discovers to observe the news. The Military dream is maintained even if Joey begins to feel the temperature of his captain’s lips around his Business cock, which really turns points up a gear. Dimaggio wishes to move things along an equipment and does therefore through getting Joey and himself naked and sleeping with him resistant to the wall. This actually transforms things up a notch and equally men cry with satisfaction once the inevitable gay porn climax comes. The latest man really gets damaged in Demanding over these these moments and there’s a great ten mins of serious anal.

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Doing Gay Porn With The School Teachers ?

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Performed you ever have dreams bust your school teachers? Performed you lust after them and Consider about the method issues should be in you obtaining your sinful method with them? Would you like to run into them alone into the showers after school and find them in all of their special Zealous splendor. A lot of gay males question exactly what it could be like if one of their straight pals wanted to have Sex together with them. This happens to Frost and Johnny Rapid. Frost is Queer and Johnny is directly. Shane Ice is longing to acquire some popular Johnny Rapid Action from Johnny. You could discover your favourite grasp here and you could observe Johnny Rapid from afar and truly appreciate the opportunity to do a bit harm on him. You simply have to get nearer. His enormous cock was there, completing you with gay porno sexual cravings and you also notice that his dick was there when it’s about getting and in addition you Desirable a bit of it.

Perhaps this didn’t occur, but with the brand new Gay Porn At School you really are able to re live that dream and it will certainly make you feel a good deal much better. In essence, it could be quite difficult to replicate the gay porn landscape in your head and it is one thing that could enable one to be quite enamoured because of the scene. Brad Kavlo is the old and wizened hunk who is the item of Rapids wants that can Really make Johnny Rapid move Disturbed with lust. He shows that they switch on some straight porn. The videos turn completely to be on the web on a tube. Theres an surprising Jolt for Johnny. He is caught and slave proprietors. He will be offered into white slavery and bought by Mary to be their sex servant. The two guys are now alone in an area filled with cams. Jarce chooses the guide and begin to just take Mary#8217;s cloths down. Mary happens to be nude and Johnny Rapid is starting at their tough, extended cock. He takes this Enormous cock also starts to deep-throat it.

The Spermatozoan pictures are most probably the greatest as shortly as Brad sucks Johnny Quick off it surely makes him squirm with enjoyment. Shane’s very own remarkable Prick is sloshing around. Mary places there as Jarce fulfills his tight-ass together with his huge dick. Jarce gives Mary a genuine thumping and takes no mercy on their butt. The Men carry on to go at it till Jarce release their weight all over Tom’s ass. Maybe not becoming the covetous love he Offerings Mary a palm until he has the skill to achieve his point-of finish since well. Both males appear to be actually taking delight in on their own. Rapid gets an excellent banging and equally guys are in a position to sperm due to the fact stars when you examine the move these are ordinarily viewing sperm. It was a fantastic option to finish off the mid-day. In inclusion to so, the landscape features a good conclusion. Gay Porno at School is certainly one thing that has a good younger/older experience. That is perhaps not the end for these men. There is nevertheless much adventure and brand new Outlook that lay ahead for all of them.